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Hotel Maxim

Svätý Jur, Hotel Maxim Bratislavská 52/11
Svätý Jur

Komun: Pezinok
Län: Bratislavský
Hotel Maxim - Here you will find more information
The hotel Maxim is located in an ancient town of Svätý Jur. Town is situated on the slopes of the Small Carpthians. The hotel includes cafe, summer terrace, saloon, semibar room and restaurant with selection of slovak food and the local Small Carpathians wines.



Česky, Slovensky
English, Italiano

+421 46 540 3253

Mĺn-Fre: 9:00-18:00 CET


ICQ: 369474242 369474242

Logi Svaty Jur

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