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Pinus Apartments

Brezno - Tále, Pinus Apartments Bystrá - Tále 809
Brezno - Tále

Járás: Brezno
Közigazgatási terület: Banskobystrický
Pinus Apartments - Here you will find more information
Ski&Golf resort is ideal for family holidays. There you will find famous Slovak ski resorts Chopok South, Tale, Myto and you can enjoy more than 45 km of skiing. Our ski buses will be conveyed directly from your apartment to the ski lifts.
Ski&Golf resort is just 950 m to the first hole of world famous golf course Grey Bear Golf.
Your tourist aim become hills Chopok and Dumbier. You can enjoy herseback riding, rafting, castles, Cave of Dead Bats, old railway station, biking, wellness.



Česky, Slovensky
English, Italiano

+421 46 540 3253

Hé-Pé: 9:00-18:00 CET

ICQ: 369474242 369474242

Szálláshely Brezno - Tále

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