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Penzión Tavel

Prešov, Penzión Tavel Slovenská 19

Járás: Prešov
Közigazgatási terület: Prešovský
Penzión Tavel - Here you will find more information
Hotel Tavel is located in the historical centre of the town Prešov, approximately 100 m from the church of St.Nicolaus. Hotel offers 8 double-rooms, 4 extra beds. All rooms are equipped with the toilet and a shower, TV. The hotel has its own lift, meeting-hall, reception with the Lobby bar and a lounge, open all day. Hotel has its own parking lot.

Penzion Hradby

Prešov, Penzion Hradby Jarková 105

Járás: Prešov
Közigazgatási terület: Prešovský
Penzion Hradby - Here you will find more information
The Hradby guest-house is a place where you can slow down and relax. Family owned and operated ,the friendly staff invites you to share our affordable rooms . The guest-house has the perfect location for dinning, shopping and generally enjoying what Presov has to offer. To stay in touch with your family and friends high-speed internet connection is available at your convenience 24/7.



Česky, Slovensky
English, Italiano

+421 46 540 3253

Hé-Pé: 9:00-18:00 CET

ICQ: 369474242 369474242

Szálláshely Prešov

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