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Nombre: Kúpele Bojnice - LD Slávia
Calle, núm.: Kúpeľná
Ciudad: Bojnice
Distrito: Prievidza
Provincia: Trenčiansky
E-mail: kupele-bojnice-slavia@hotelsite.sk
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+421 46 540 3253

 Lu - Vie: 9:00 - 18:00 CET

Hotel: Capacidad: 24 
doble 12 
Bojnice Spa lies in the very heart of Slovakia. It is a charming and peaceful spa resort that, thanks to a combination of its geographic location, climate and water composition, gives its guests ideal conditions for the natural curative treatment processes, regeneration, rest and tranquillity. Moreover, it is situated in 298 meters above sea level in the eastern part of the Malá Magura mountain range in the Upper Nitra region. The whole area is protected on three sides by mountains with rich broad-leaved and coniferous forests. It has a moderate climate with an average temperature of 9°C and gives 2 000 hours of sunshine a year. Simply this is the right place for anyone who is tired of everyday hectic life and who is looking for some peaceful place to rest the body and soul in harmony. Natural thermal springs and the charmimg landscape near Bojnice Castle have been creating such harmony for centuries.

Healing treatment procedures in Bojnice Spa is based on natural healing hydrogen-carbon-sulphate, calcic-magnesium hypotonic thermal water with the temperature from 28 to 52 ºC which rises out of 9 springs with discharge of 40 litres per second from the depth of 1 200 – 1 500 meters. The thermal water improves metabolism and immunologic reactions in cells, function of issues, oxygen supply and thus the general health condition. The healing water positively influence on vegetative nervous system, particularly on its parasymphatetic part.

• double rooms
• en suite bathrooms
• cable TV
• telephone with a direct dialing
• refrigerator
• approx. 50m from the central building - the Spa House Mier where procedures and meals are provided

Aparcamiento propio:

  • Parada de transporte público 50 m
  • Estación de trenes 3000 m
  • Estación de autobuses 3000 m
  • Centro 3000 m

Servicios para los automovilistas:

  • con vigilancia de cámara
  • Turismo 5 €

Servicios adicionales:

  • Servicio de Información
  • Preparamos acontecimientos deportivos y culturales

Tarjetas de crédito:

  • American Express
  • VISA
  • EuroCard/MasterCard
  • Dinners Club

Precio por una persona  - Los precios están en EUR

  1/1 1/2
01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018 50  31 

Kupele Bojnice - LD Slavia *** Bojnice, Información

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