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Hotel Zátoka Domaša

Holčíkovce, Hotel Zátoka Domaša Holčíkovce - Eva

County: Vranov nad Topľou
Region: Prešovský
Hotel Zátoka Domaša - Here you will find more information
Hotel Zátoka is situated in the attractive Domaša - Eva holiday resort that offers scenic view over the Domaša lake and surrounding natural beauty.

Domaša is an artificial water reservoir in the mountainous region of Nízke Beskydy north of the city Vranov nad Topľou.



Česky, Slovensky
English, Italiano

+421 46 540 3253

Mon-Fri: 9:00-18:00 CET

ICQ: 369474242 369474242

Accommodation Holcikovce

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